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Tealtown Ballpark would like to congratulate the following knothole teams for winning their end of the season 2014 tournaments:

Trojans B-Sr Silver Division County Champs.

RedLegs B-Jr Gold Division County Champs.

Rage C-Sr Gold Division County Champs.

Bulls C-Jr Gold Division County Champs.


Knothole rule on bats for the 2014 season:

Approved baseball bats are any unaltered commercially manufactured bats available for retail purchase with the following exceptions: 

1. Classes D Junior through Class B Senior:

(a)     The maximum bat diameter is 2 and ¾ inches.

(b)    Softball bats are not allowed to be used

(c)    Composite material and flex handle bats are prohibited unless they are “bpf”, BBCOR or BESR rated.

(d)   Any legal bat in Class A-1 (14U) and up may be used in Class D Junior through Class B Senior.  

2.        For Class A-1 (14U) and up:

(a)     Bats must have BBCOR or BESR certification

(b)   The maximum difference between bat length and bat weight is minus 3 (-3).

Wood bats and single piece aluminum bats are allowed to be used in all classes without any ratings; all other restrictions apply.

PENALTY:  Player is out and ball is dead immediately and the bat is immediately removed from the game and the bench area.  Additionally, the manager of the offending team is automatically ejected from the game.




Player Ages / Class Assignment for 2014:

 Class  Date
 A-Sr. / 15U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 1998
 A-Jr. / 14U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 1999
 B-Sr. / 13U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2000
 B-Jr. / 12U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2001
 C-Sr. / 11U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2002
 C-Jr. / 10U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2003
 D-Sr. / 9U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2004
 D-Jr. / 8U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2005
 D-Inst. / 7U
 Youth Born on or after May 1st, 2006


Playing Days:

 Class  Playing Days
 A-Sr. / 15U
 Mon - Wed - Fri
 A-Jr. / 14U
 Mon - Fri
 B-Sr. / 13U
 Tues - Sat (4PM)
 B-Jr. / 12U
 Thurs - Sat (4PM)
 C-Sr. / 11U
 Mon - Sat (1PM)
 C-Jr. / 10U
 Thurs - Sat (1PM)
 D-Sr. / 9U
 Wed - Sat (10AM)
 D-Jr. / 8U
 Tues - Sat (10AM)
 D-Inst. / 7U
 Wed or Fri


Pitching Distances:


CLASS A 60 Feet 6 Inches
CLASS B-Sr. 54 Feet
CLASS B-Jr. 51 Feet
CLASS C 48 Feet
CLASS D- Sr. 45 Feet
CLASS D-Jr. 42 Feet
CLASS D Inst. 39 Feet (Approximate)



Base Distances:

Class A 90 Feet
Class B-Sr. 80 Feet
Class B-Jr. 75 Feet
Class C 70 Feet
Class D 60 Feet
Class D Inst. 55 Feet



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