Coach Pitch
Coach Pitch Director -

Tealtown Ballpark has formed its own Coach Pitch League in the hopes that this can help bridge the gap for players moving on from T-Ball but not yet ready to play kid pitch Knothole. One of the main advantages of this league is that all games will be played at Tealtown amongst other teams in the Coach Pitch League.

The game days will be Monday night and Saturday. Monday night games will start at 6:30 for the first part of the season and 6:30 for the second half of the season. Saturday games will be at 1:00 PM

Tealtown Coach Pitch Rules

Approved Bats for Coach Pitch:

Approved baseball bats are any unaltered commercially manufactured bats available for retail purchase with the following exceptions: 
(a)    The maximum bat diameter is 2 and ¾ inches

(b)    Softball bats are not allowed to be used

(c)    Composite material and flex handle bats are prohibited unless they are “bpf”, BBCOR or BESR rated.